C-tee – “Sit Em’ Down”

Born and raised in Griffin, Georgia, C-tee is an independent rapper and songwriter who has been growing substantially since the release of his debut single in 2019.

He is very well known about blurring the line between the old school and the new school, the self-styled “Weird gay dude that raps” laying dense lyrical verses over hard-hitting trap instrumentals creating a fresh and alternative take on modern hip hop.

Writing songs since he was a child, his songwriting process was, and still is a self-discovery about himself, C-tee started recording his verses consistently around two years ago building a consistent portfolio, including the release of 5 tracks so far.

A few weeks ago, he released the new slap titled “​Sit Em Down,” this song is the lead single for his upcoming debut project.

Dropping an infectious hook and a menacing Southern brass lead, the track is dope and proved to be his biggest hit to date, racking up well over ten thousand plays in just one week.

Here you can listen to his dope track, don’t forget to follow him on socials and stay tuned for more.


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