Convo with yorke

Signed to Universal Island Records Australia, Grace Hughes well known by her stage name Yorke, which was inspired by her love for New York City, is a 20-year-old singer-songwriter, who is developing her craft for more than a decade, and deservedly is making a buzz in her native land, Byron Bay and beyond.

Photo by Jess Gleeson

Her debut single under Island Records called ‘First Light,’ Co-written and produced by Chris Collins of Tiger Town, is lucidly displaying her new uplifting era, whether it is blatant or unspoken after a few releases out, Yorke is already supporting significant acts including the likes of Ruel and Lewis Capaldi, establishing York’s career in the music industry.

Dropping her latest release titled Gravity, which came along with a very creative music video directed and produced by Giulia Giannini McGauran and a very innovative team supporting the whole production, I had a convo with York to know more about this new record.

Photo by Jess Gleeson

Who inspired you to pursue a music career?

Probably a common answer but definitely my parents. I’d always put on shows for them when I was really little and my mum started taking me to music classes when I was 8, driving all around the countryside. They never once made me feel like a career in music was unobtainable, it was just a matter of doing what makes me happy. They were even the ones who encouraged me to defer University and give music my 100% attention, which was the best decision I ever made. 

How is the Australia music scene from your perspective?

Everyone knows everyone and it is super collaborative. I think both Aus Pop and Hip-Hop are really having a moment globally right now and it’s been a long time coming. There is some incredible up and comers on the way and it’s so great seeing Australian teams getting the success they deserve.

What challenges did you face as a youth in pursuit of your music dream?

Honestly I didn’t face too many challenges. Growing up in the country, especially in such a creative community like Byron Bay, was amazing for my growth as an artist. There was many opportunities and support for upcoming artists. Nothing but positives, I’m a lucky gal!

Tell your experience with the Island Records team.

Island have been incredibly supportive and forward thinking. I have an amazing and passionate team working behind the scenes and it’s been really great getting to grow as an artist alongside them.

Drop the tea about performing with Lewis Capaldi.

Best shows I’ve ever played and Lewis is an absolute legend! He’s exactly how you would expect him to be. At the first show (before he’d met me) he randomly burst into my green room backstage and yelled “HELLO WHERE IS YORKE??”. His whole team were really great, we got along really well.

Please talk about the creative process of Gravity.

Gravity was written one afternoon with my mate Japanese Wallpaper and it came together super quickly! We were buzzing about it! Next we sent it to an amazing Finnish producer who added a bit of extra spice and then Chris Walla (ex Death Cab for Cutie) mixed it. Working with Chris was incredible, he really embodied the feeling of the song and took so much care.

What is the message behind your music?

The story behind Gravity is a metaphor for two different people trying to come together, portrayed through the story of an alien and a human falling in love.

Generally speaking, the message behind my music is all super relatable and honest. Everyone experiences the same feelings and I think there is something so beautiful about being able to capture an emotion in a song that a listener can relate to in their own life. 

Which message do you have for your fans and people who are now discovering your work?

Hi! Welcome to the big, cinematic and colourful world of Yorke. When listening, close your eyes and imagine you are walking through a busy city in your own little world with your favourite song playing. Very excited to be able to share this journey with you ❤

What is next for Yorke?

More music, more writing, and getting back on stage as soon as possible!

Be sure to follow Yorke on socials and stay tuned for more!

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