Bstar – “Tweety” featuring Boosie BadAzz

Representing Leesburg Florida, a small town about 40 minutes both of Orlando, Bernard, known as Bstar is a recording artist reinventing the sound of southern hip-hop music.

Fan of crunk beats with a lot of bass, Bstar also likes to deliver hard-hitting lines as well, usually, B lines are about his personal stories.

Consecutively developing his skills seeking to become a professional artist went there Bstar fan base began to grow in Central Florida, getting a lot of gigs invitations, finally moving to Los Angeles hunting mainstream hip-hop scene;

Dropping his debut single “Tweety” featuring Boosie BadAzz, Bstar aims to solidify his place in the music industry.

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Introducing Johnny Jc

Johnny Jc is a 26-year-old rapper from New Jersey; he dropped his most recent release called “X25” a whole album with cool tracks, including the promotional single “Too Late” a perfect combination of the rough, raspy Jersey style with melodies that belong all over the radio.

Griding in the music industry for more than a decade Johnny has learned so many things and one of them being true to himself, a fundamental lesson that he accomplished so far.

“X25” is a dope record full of uplifting melodic choruses along, with clever rhyme schemes and strong verse combining a lot of influences ranging from classic and alternative rock to hip hop & rap.

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Amaury Lacroix – “We Go Higher”

Amaury Lacroix is a Dj and music producer from France, he was living on the edge on his early 18, inspired by the likes of Martin Garrix, Tiesto, David Guetta.


Producing EDM tracks focusing on psytrance, his favorite style, hoping one day to achieve the Billboard Charts, spreading positive vibes to people who can listen to.
Extremely grateful to his mentor Daisaku IKEDA who guided him into Buddhism.
“I would not be here without his precious encouragements and the chanting of Nam Myoho Renge Kyo” completes Amaury.

You can listen here to his brand new track “We Go Higher” and find out more on his website.

Introducing Brandon Andre

Brandon Andre is an artist and songwriter from Los Angeles, Ca, who recently released a brand new studio EP, called “1992.”
The project also features the single, baptized “Too Late,” which is also available as a music video on Youtube.

AfterlightImage 25 copy

What makes the video special is the fact that the video features a Black and a Latino actor and they are representing different communities and cultural stand-points.
Since the song and the video focus a lot on mental health, it is in reality very interesting and insightful to see how the topic plays out in the scopes of these two different cultures since the topic is often overlooked and considered taboo.


Many people across all cultures still consider mental health something that is not a “real” issue and they struggle to give it the importance that it truly deserves as something that is affecting millions of lives around the globe.


However, Brandon did a great job of exploring this issue tastefully, using his artistry to connect with his audience and spark a positive discussion.
Here you can watch the dope music video written and directed by Brandon, also don’t forget to follow him on socials, stay tuned and up to date.


Introducing Adam Wedd

After previously working with Ed Sheeran,  some members of Bastille and Status QuoAdam Wedd has been busy writing songs with Dee Adams and Si Hilbert, who already worked with One DirectionCraig David.


Adam Wedd has been touring across Europe playing Sofar Sounds shows in the Netherlands and soon to be heading to the USA to play his first shows in New York, Boston, Dallas, Chicago, Denver, Washington DC, Nashville.

Adam is about to release an Ep,  including a full band headline show at London‘s Southbank Center in May 2020.

Partnering with BlackmithAdam is also releasing a double single, including the music video featured here.

Ed Roman – “Stronger”

Ed Roman is an Award-winning singer/songwriter, performer, and multi-instrumentalist from ShelburneOntarioCanada, featured as an “Emerging Artist” in Billboard Magazine, December in 2018, Ed is dropping his brand new single called, “Stronger” released by MTS Records.

Ed Roman - Red Omen cover

Doing a lot of buzz with tastemakers, Ed‘s songs have received regular rotation across North America radio stations, reaching a global audience combing a unique style between pop, rock, folk, merging with country music genres.

Ed Roman DM 1

His hit song “Red Omen” overtakes the Top 20 position on iTunes charting song,  been shown at numerous film festivals around the world earning accolades and raising funds for the Whole Dyslexic Foundation.

Ed is also known as a gentleman farmer, gardener, and paranormal enthusiast, watch his lyric video here and let us remind you to follow up with him on the socials for more updates.


Ronald Mkiza debut his Ep!

Ronald Mkiza is an upcoming hip-hop artist based in Copenhagen who loves to explore his potential while telling a story, rapping about being true facing the challenges, even when the environment is not supportive.


Releasing his debut Ep titled of Runaway Worker, inspired by his Afro danish heritage, the record includes 8 heartfelt tracks full of passion, artistry, and escapism.


Promoting the lead single of this Ep called Black Virtue with a message about the struggle of minorities, this beautiful song comes with an amazing collaboration in the hook sung by the LA artist KYN, who beautifully details the struggle while celebrating what they made us.
Here you can listen to this powerful song, remind to follow up with Ronald, and stay tuned for more guys.


C-tee – “Sit Em’ Down”

Born and raised in Griffin, Georgia, C-tee is an independent rapper and songwriter who has been growing substantially since the release of his debut single in 2019.

He is very well known about blurring the line between the old school and the new school, the self-styled “Weird gay dude that raps” laying dense lyrical verses over hard-hitting trap instrumentals creating a fresh and alternative take on modern hip hop.

Writing songs since he was a child, his songwriting process was, and still is a self-discovery about himself, C-tee started recording his verses consistently around two years ago building a consistent portfolio, including the release of 5 tracks so far.

A few weeks ago, he released the new slap titled “​Sit Em Down,” this song is the lead single for his upcoming debut project.

Dropping an infectious hook and a menacing Southern brass lead, the track is dope and proved to be his biggest hit to date, racking up well over ten thousand plays in just one week.

Here you can listen to his dope track, don’t forget to follow him on socials and stay tuned for more.


Introducing Dar.Ra

Dar.Ra is a renowned Irish rock solo artist, producer, and songwriter, he is coming up with a pretty much particular approach, at this time dropping brand new tracks that fans have been waiting for a while.

Doing a lot of buzz with the tastemakers, he is making an amazing blend of rock and electronic music trying to create something truly unique, allowing this to be a new music genre, self-titled (Rock Step).

Building a stable career in the field, he is known for his anthems and hits, raising awareness of the next Ep titled Whisky n Honey, we can’t ignore one of his legendary tracks called “Diamonds In The Shadows,” bringing a music video which is referring to escape the rat race theme.

Here you can watch both music videos, subscribe to this channel and stay tuned for more on his socials.