Convo With Noelle

noelle, a pop musician from Canada who is 20 years old and has a current R&B edge, is a rising star in the genre. 

noelle first found her footing on YouTube, where she acquired a following of 94.2K followers as a consequence of her viral renditions of timeless classics and today’s greatest bands, most notably Post Malone and Sabrina Claudio.

Noelle started creating her music as a therapeutic method of self-expression when she discovered that expressing her thoughts and feelings at the piano helped her to transcend the reality that she was trying to escape.

Since then, she has spent the last two years honing her musical style to produce a contemporary combination of R&B, pop, urban, and jazz elements.

She has just recently released a new song called Cold Killer. The song has very catchy melodies, a powerful vocal, and a hook that sticks like bubblegum in a very nice repeat tone.

Even though the song has a mysterious theme, we had the opportunity to have an interview with her to learn more about her music career.

1- Where did you come from, where are you based now, and why?

I grew up and still live on a native reserve called Tyendinaga Mohawk Territory. It’s about two hours outside of the city. In the new year, I hope to get a place in Toronto.

2- How did you first get into music?

My family is very musical. My dad has a band and a recording studio in our basement. It all happened very naturally because I was constantly surrounded by music. I started out by doing covers on YouTube when I was 8. Eventually, it turned into me writing songs at the piano in my early teens.

3- What is the message behind Cold Killer?

Cold Killer is an anthem for anyone that’s been screwed over by somebody they thought they could trust. It’s calling out people that break hearts for fun.

4- What is your creative process for making music?

There are a couple of different ways I go about writing a song. Sometimes I sit down at the piano, find chords I like, figure out a melody, and then lyrics. Other times, I get a lyric/melody idea when I’m not around a piano and have to voice memo it so I can figure out the chords when I get home.

5- How does your music reflect your personal life and experiences?

I sing a lot about heartbreak and love stories. I’ve been through my fair share of ups and downs. Love is such a strong emotion so it’s hard to write about anything else. I want my music to be relatable to anyone going through what I went through, and to know that they’re not alone.

6- How has your work as a recording artist affected your personal life?

Songwriting is so honest for me which can make it difficult because people have conspiracy theories on who my songs are about. As long as I’m getting good music out of my life experiences and past relationships, I’ll be happy.

7- How does your music make you feel?

It truly depends on the song. Each song takes me back to the time I wrote it, but also the time I was writing it about. Some of my songs can make me cry because of the raw emotions I poured into them. Other songs make me feel empowered.

8- What motivates you to continue making music?

I truly am in love with the process of making music. Songwriting is an outlet for me to release my emotions. Writing a song and playing it for everyone is just like making a nice dinner for someone and watching them enjoy it.

9- What do you hope your music will achieve?

I just want the world to hear my music. I want it to help people through hard times. A Grammy would also be lovely. 😉

10- What is next for Noelle?

I have a brand new single coming out at the end of November called Never Going Home! I’m opening for Virginia To Vegas and Ria Mae on tour in a few weeks. I’m also just going to keep making music that I love, I’ll never stop.

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