Convo With Nova Rose

Nova Rose, a Montreal native, was first exposed to music by her Egyptian-born father, who played the guitar and sang along with her every night before she went to sleep. She rapidly became passionate about this practice and began studying the violin, guitar, and piano.

The young artist also earned a bachelor’s degree in communications and cultural studies, which broadened her understanding of the possible settings for her work.

By the time she had her undergraduate degree, Nova had already written songs with musicians from all over the world, performed at various locations around Canada, and topped the charts on radio stations in Quebec.

In a society that occasionally makes us feel alone, her music speaks out about the coming of age of the younger generation and expresses the hope that it might provide a release.

1- Where did you come from, where are you based now, and why? 

I was born and raised in Montreal and still live there. I love Montreal, my friends and family are here and I couldn’t see myself living full-time anywhere else (for now). 

2- What is your favorite thing about Montreal?

 Probably that there’s always something fun to do rain or shine. I also love the food and the atmosphere. 

3-What do you like the most about Egyptian culture? 

FOOD FOOD FOOD. And the people. 

4- When did you begin your musical career? 

I started playing violin at 7, but I would say I started taking music seriously at 20 years old. 

5- What role did your college education have in your musical career? 

Gave me a different perspective on a lot of different things. Opened my eyes up to new ways of working and connecting with others as well which really helped my career. 

6- What is the message behind Still Thinking of You?

 For me, it was about leaving toxic relationships behind, and doing me but realizing that it’s super hard to stop thinking about it all.  

7- Who are your biggest influences? 

I think style and art-wise I would say, Lady Gaga. Sound-wise I would say Tove Lo, Halsey, Fletcher. 

8- What type of musician would you prefer to collaborate with? 

I love collaborating in general, so I’m open to anyone who brings a good vibe to the room. 

9- What’s the biggest gig you’ve ever played? 

I played alongside Alexe at Francos de Montreal. It was super fun! 

10- What is next for Nova Rose? 

I’m hoping to release more music, play more shows and experiment with different sounds!

Thank you 🙂

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