On The Verge Artists #7

The world is home to a large number of outstanding recording artists, but only a select few can legitimately claim to be the finest in the business. Here are the top fresh releases that are featuring our recent On The Verge Artists session, as determined by sales, accolades, critical acclaim, and more.

1) Laura Marano – breakup song

With over 100 songs co-written with some of today’s top songwriters, Laura is a prolific songwriter with a classical music background. Her work has amassed over 300 million plays on streaming services and 18 million social media admirers. 

She released her first EP, titled ME, in 2019 and her second EP, titled YOU, in October 2020, demonstrating that “there are always two sides to every tale.” 

Marano developed that idea throughout 2021 with a number of duets, collaborations, and remixes of songs from the YOU EP, which culminated in the YOU Deluxe EP, which was released in June 2021. 

Laura is well-known for playing the singer-songwriter Ally in the successful Disney Channel series “Austin & Ally,” for which she earned the Kids’ Choice Award for Favorite TV Actress. 

As a result of her performance in the acclaimed Netflix romantic comedy The Perfect Date, she was also named Choice Comedy Movie Actress at the 2019 Teen Choice Awards.

While simultaneously releasing movie soundtracks, Laura just released the single “breakup song,” which is a very wonderful song that far exceeds expectations and ranks right up there with Boombox as one of her finest songs.

2) Cami Petyn – Care Less

Cami Petyn‘s music is a natural outgrowth of who she is. According to Cami, “Pain is turned into power for her through her music.” It serves as her connection to the outside world. 

As a result of her devoted fan base and authentic lyrics, Petyn is regarded as having a strong sense of connection. Cami, who values openness and creativity, infuses her music with depth and sincerity by integrating the themes that are close to her heart, including mental health, self-acceptance, and growth, in her songs.

Influences from artists as diverse as Miley Cyrus, Madonna, and Billie Eilish are masked by a distinctive and contemporary exterior.

She released a fairly good song last year called “Care Less,” which in my opinion is the greatest work by alternative pop singer and feminine icon Cami Petyn so far.

3) Marian Hill – omg

The electro-pop duo Marian Hill, made up of Philadelphia natives Jeremy Lloyd and Samantha Gongol, is located in New York.

They released their debut EP, Play, under Republic Records in 2013 with Jeremy working on production and Samantha singing.

By promoting their sophomore album on the CBS TV program The Late Late Show with James Corden, the pair started to see popularity in the music industry in 2015.

Following that, the pair embarked on a successful journey that included significant collaborations and remixes with well-known figures in the industry, including Lauren Jauregui in the song Back To Me and the rapper Big Sean in the song Down, both of which were released in 2019 on their debut album, Act One.

The platinum-certified duo Marian Hill’s eagerly awaited sophomore album, Unusual, was released on May 11th following the enormous success of their smash single oOo that’s my type starring Yung Baby and the music video for omg.


Meresha is a singer, multi-instrumentalist, and producer from Varsovia, Poland. She has achieved a lot in the music business, from appearing at important music festivals to being included on Ariana Grande’s playlist.

Just to refresh your memory, Meresha has been working with Grammy Award-winning producers since she was 12 years old. 

Her hit song, “Enter the Dreamland,” is from the EP of the same name she produced with Joe Chiccarelli, and her cinematic music video was shot in Malibu by David Rousseau, a five-time MTV VMA nominee who has previously worked with superstars like Christian Aguilera and Lil Wayne.

She recently released a few tracks, HAWAI’I is one of them. After many Billboard chart appearances, she started to win popularity with industry insiders. The focus of the song is to highlight Meresha’s chutzpah.

5) Revenge Wife – Take Take Take

Elizabeth Nistico is a seasoned multi-media artist and the former lead vocalist of the indie-pop band HOLYCHILD has released Revenge Wife as her most recent music project. 

With the release of three tracks and her own self-directed videos from her solo debut EP Background Songs For Your Boring Life, Part I this year under the moniker Revenge Wife, Nistico swiftly built a fascinating new style. All of the single videos for the EP were self-directed by Nistico, who also tied them together into a coherent thematic story.

Additionally, she has co-written a number of tracks for Disco Shrine and Future, notably “Xanax Damage” by Future.

The songs provide Nistico a platform to talk openly about the events that have impacted her life. They are inspired by dreams, mystical experiences, and overcoming trauma.

Nistico creates a distinctive kind of sad girl indie and electro bedroom music by fusing low-fi production with personal lyrics. Her work recalls a wide range of inspirations, including the DIY philosophy of Beck, the theatricality of the Electric Light Orchestra, and the dancyness of ABBA. 

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