convo with Erika Tham

Hailing from Los Angeles, California, Erika Tham started in the industry very early in Nickelodeon’s musical Make It Pop, leading her to the spotlight in other TV shows, such as the Disney Channel movie Kim Possible.

After the first boom in the scene, Erika decided to dedicate herself 100% to music, blending a beautiful multicultural heritage, she became a powerhouse singer, songwriter, and actress ready to make an impact in the world.

Her debut single called Admit It was released recently with the support of an A-list team of Grammy-nominated and award-winning producers, songwriters, and engineers, including the hit producer, songwriter, and pianist Brian Kennedy, which already worked with talents like Rihanna, Chris Brown, and many others.

Also, the Grammy-nominated songwriter and producer Sam Hook is well known for his previous work with Miley Cyrus, and joined forces with Grammy Award-winning songwriter and producer Major Myjah.

The dream team continues with Grammy-nominated mix engineer Andrew Wuepper and the Grammy award-winning vocal music producer, sound engineer Chris “Tek” O’Ryan.

After the debut, Erika came back with her second track called Shhh, along with a very seductive music video, delivering a piece of uniquely different music.

The songs inspired by rap combined with the orchestral and melodic music of the Disney renaissance era with oriental references resulted in a sophisticated pop in addition to whispering melodies.

You can find out more about Erika in the interview below.

1- Where did you come from, where are you based now, and why?

I grew up moving around a lot in Asia! Right now I live in LA! The US is the 8th country I’ve lived in after Singapore, Indonesia, the Philippines, Taiwan, China, Thailand, and Canada.

2- How did you start in the industry?

I booked my first ever acting job when I was 14 on a show that happened to be a musical comedy, which meant I was singing in a recording studio for work every week! Then when I moved to LA, I taught myself the piano and began songwriting! I started in music by writing for other artists or doing a top line for producers!

3- Who inspired you to pursue your music career?

Honestly, I think it was the Disney Princesses I watched growing up that made me fall in love with music hahaha.

4- What are your expectations after this debut?

I would love to perform these songs live!

5- What is the message behind Admit It?

“Admit it” is what I wish I could’ve said to someone I was watching fall in love with me, when I knew I didn’t feel the same. I’d spent a while feeling this way in the relationship, watching it get more and more serious and him get more and more invested, all while having this gut feeling that I wasn’t going to be able to meet him there emotionally. I hadn’t really explored it in my writing because I hadn’t found the right way to approach it, but when I wrote the line, “I’ll admit it, I wouldn’t know love if I was in it”, it all kinda clicked and the rest of the song came very quickly.

6- What memory do you just keep going back to?

It would have to be one from my most recent trip to New York, but the details are a secret 😉

7-What achievement are you proud of but most people would consider silly or weird?

I make INCREDIBLE avocado toast.

8- What is something you think you will regret in the future not starting now and what is something you already regret not starting sooner?

Wearing sunscreen every day!!!

9- What is next for Erika?

The rest of my debut EP will be rolling out in the next few months, as well as a live acoustic performance video of my song “Admit It” with Brian Kennedy next Friday the 12th!

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