Convo with bludnymph

Kya Hansen, a rising star in the world of Canadian indie pop and dark rap music, performs under the stage name bludnymph.

As bludnymph was in the studio with producer Cirkut and fellow artist FAANGS, she had the need to express her angrier side than her typical cutesy sound.

When bludnymph’s discography as a whole is considered, it becomes clearer that the artist has experimented with several different musical genres. Songs with elements of “spooky, magic, and seductive!” are what define the genre of her music.

Lights Out is her follow-up song to her smash in the Netflix series, and it has a mysterious and striking rhythm that flirts attractively with the bludnymph vocals, which are themselves extremely pleasant and have well-crafted melodies.

I got the chance to talk to her to find out more information about this song and specifics about its journey, which you will be able to follow here in the continuation of the story.

1- Where did you come from, where are you based now, and why?

I was born and raised in BC, Canada and I still live here! I love my home and thought I would always live here, but since I’ve started recording music in LA I’ve made so many friends and really love being there, so I am planning on moving. 

2- When did you realize that music was your thing? 

It’s kind of hard to place a definitive time. Music has always been something I’ve been called to—when I was in middle school I tried to be a dj, in high school I tried my hand at music production—but singing in front of people was my biggest fear. I really loved singing and felt like I could maybe be good at it, but I was scared someone would hear me and I would find out I actually sucked. Luckily my passion for it outweighed the anxiety and I forced myself to overcome the fear. Over time, people were really encouraging and helped build my confidence. I guess it was something I always knew, I was just scared to admit it out loud and find out I was wrong. 

3- Tell us about yourself—when did you first adopt this identity and how did you come up with the concept?

 I’ve always loved to dress up and live in my own imaginary world. Halloween has forever been my favorite holiday and the source of my most precious childhood memories. I believe in magic and bringing fantasy to reality. I was even named after a character from the movie “Willow”. I used to be a camgirl and my name on there was WillowNymph, the “blud” part is a nickname my ex used to call me, so I just mushed them together and created bludnymph. It’s just me being who I’ve always been. 

4- Who are your biggest influences? 

I take a lot of inspiration from my experiences and emotions and the people around me. Musically, so many different artists, but the main ones are probably Britney Spears, Doja Cat, and XXXTENTACION. 

5- Is there a deeper meaning behind your song Lights Out? 

Lights Out was a way for me to channel my anger, I can be very passive but I used that song to embody my aggression. I’m trying to learn how to speak up for myself more, so doing it through my music helps me be more comfortable doing it in real life. 

6 – Walk me through some of the obstacles you had to overcome on your route to the top in your field. 

Just the fact that my goal was to be an artist was an obstacle in itself. There are so many talented people with the same goal and I always knew it would be a very difficult one to achieve, but I felt it in my soul that I had to try. Some people weren’t super supportive at first and would ask when I was planning on getting a “real job”, but even before I was making an income from it I would say that music is my real job, and now it is!

7- What song was the most difficult for you to write? 

I don’t like to force anything. Sometimes I can get kind of stuck on a line but generally, I don’t think any of my songs were super difficult to write, they just came naturally and were what I felt I needed to express in that moment. 

8- If you could have any superpower, which one would you choose and why? 

Teleportation so I could go back and forth between LA and BC easily and whenever I want. 

9- If you wrote a book about your career so far, what would you title it? 

“The Birth & Bible of bludnymph”

10- If you were an ice cream flavor, what would you be? 

Probably neapolitan because of all the different flavors/facets of myself. Maybe like a cotton candy, cheesecake, chocolate strawberry version of neapolitan though because that sounds more exciting. 

11- What is next for bludnymph? 

Creating and experimenting, sharing as much of my music and myself as possible. More magic and mayhem. 

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