Hello folks!

Time is precious, especially nowadays, so we are back again with the second edition of the speed-up tracks.

At this point, we are coming up with fresh talents that released some pretty stunning records.

In a straight line, we are displaying the best of which submission on this session.

Here we go.

TRAPT {Above It All}

Hailing from Los Gatos, California, Trapt is a legendary rock band well known for their best hit, “Headstrong,” which is surreal because I spent my teenage years listening to this song.

It was absolutely an honor to receive their new track from Chris Taylor Brown, the single called Above It All, which displays an improved and much more mature work now.

Confirming the band evolved, and they are back better than never, ready for their new era bringing rock music to the spotlight.

Jaime Deraz x Bad Boyfriend {In & Out}

Jaime Deraz is a singer and songwriter native from Long Island, NY.

Her songwriting inspiration comes from real-life experience expressing truly raw emotions.

Jaime’s debut single was released in 2018, well accepted by the tastemakers, influenced by Julia Michaels and Fleetwood Mac, making music with sentiment and love in the hope to overcome her challenges in life, resounding her music around the world.

To inspire people to overcome their challenges too.

Freedom Fry {Be Your Man}

The super-popular married duo of French girl Marie Seyrat and American boy Bruce Driscoll has been producing, mixing, and mastering, more than 250 songs so far that you probably already heard them somewhere, whether you knew it or not.

Their music blends emotional folk ballads with the pop banger about unusual subjects, showcasing melodic mastery and a catchy, timeless tune; in 2016, they released their hit single Shaky Ground by Universal Music Group.

Following their success, Indie Shuffle named them Best Indie Rock of 2017; after several records out doing a lot of buzz with tastemakers, they recently released this stunning single called Be Your Man.

Nicole Sumerlyn {Floatin’}

Hailing from Abbotsford, British Columbia, Nicole Sumerlyn started her music journey truly early since she was four, inspired by Johnny Cash, Patsy Cline, and Willie Nelson.

Since then, she has been engaging Canadian audiences for ten years with a traditional country sound blended with a rock edge.

Nicole achieved numerous things over the years after she focused her artistic energy on music and songwriting, getting the opportunity to perform at multiple venues in Nashville, being named one of the 2015 Global Country Star Search winners.

In 2019, Nicole released her first single in adulthood – 2021’s dating-driven spring single called Over A Drink, featured previously in our playlist, following up with Floatin, which you can enjoy the impressive music video here.

OSKA {Starstruck}

Native and growing up in a small village in Lower Austria, OSKA is a musician based in Vienna pursuing and developing her love for music since she was 18.

With the music in her veins, she was born in the perfect involvement to establish in the industry.

Supported by her family of singers and musicians, OSKA was busking in the streets and studying pop/jazz singing from an early age.

Now signed to Nettwerk, she released a few records out, including the recent single called “Starstruck,” blending the indie-folk with pop, resulting in a pretty amusing track.

Nolo Grace {Miss Perfect}

Nolo Grace is a Korean American artist and music producer based in Los Angeles.

She made her debut in the field recently, releasing the single called Wake Up, featuring Sean Kingston, known for his hit songs like Beautiful Girls, now she is back with a brand new music video for the single, Miss Perfect.

Her music showcases a philosophical development out of her life as a Wall Street and corporate executive, exploring a unique and otherworldly emotional perspective and soundscape.

Jantine {Stockholm Syndrome}

Hailing from the Netherlands, Jantine is a UK-based multi-platinum & award-winning singer-songwriter and producer signed to Sony Music Publishing.

Jantine already worked with various well-known names in the industry, including Skrillex, Ryan Lewis, and Alison Wonderland, only to mention a few ones.

She already reached #1 in the Billboard Charts, with over 200,000 physical sales worldwide, along with many other achievements in the field; just a while ago, Jantine dropped a new hit called Stockholm Syndrome, which is a pretty tight record.

Sickret {Fatlip}

Influenced by the 90’s nu-metal blending the sounds of bands like Korn, Limp Bizkit, and Deftones, Sickret brings modern rock music with dynamic songwriting and killer performance.

Combining Nu Metal Crossover with Hardcore, they already shared the stage with correlated bands like Crazy Town and Jonathan Davis in their hometown in Switzerland.

After the band toured through Cuba and Eastern Europe, and many other shows in Switzerland and abroad.

The song Fatlip is absolutely dope, and it’s the perfect soundtrack for a mosh when you are mad.

Ashley Wallbridge x NASH {Ghost of You} feat. Sally Oh

Ashley Wallbridge is a professional Dj, and he is back on the music scene with a pretty brilliant single called Ghost of You.

Which is an energetic EDM track featuring Nash and Sally Oh; after being unusually quiet following his hospital recovery, the Dj released an album called Ready for Life.

The record includes the single and many other dance gems that have been crafted for over several years crowdfunded on Kickstarter.

Wallners {Dracula}

Hailing from Vienna, The newcomers Wallners is an indie-pop band formed by the Nino, Max, and twins Anna and Laurenz living the dream after years of developing their thing without any expectation; they signed a record deal with Universal Music Group.

Here you can listen to their debut single called Dracula, a hypnotic dream-pop wave that will take the listeners on an extraordinary journey between illusion and reality.

Beat The System {Chasing The High}

Beat The System is a pop band from New York City, founded in 2005 by brothers Gerald on drums and Stewart Sellan on guitar.

The duo moved from Malaysia to America to pursue their dream in the US; they joined forces with Shannon Gibbons and Adrian Puan, getting qualified in the American Idol in 2020.

Recently they released a few singles out, including the stunning Chasing The High, closing our superb list with style.

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