Convo with Gabrielle Current

Born and raised in Los Angeles, Gabrielle Current is surely your next artist to watch, releasing her stunning new single ‘Sun Will Find You’ produced by the well-known Mark Pelli, who already worked with the likes of Chris Brown and Shakira just to say a few names.


The 23-year-old vocalist and songwriter debuted in the music industry with the track called ‘Come To Think featuring nothing less than five-time Grammy winner producer FINNEAS, now with four great releases under her belt, three of her previous songs were featured in the massive finale of the ABC TV show Pretty Little Liars.


Combining her raw poetic lyricism with silky and smooth vocals melodies, blending dreamy synths, and soft jazz sounding something like pop with alternative R&B, Gabrielle’s unique music is so dope that already got the attention of numerous notable producers, including Kaskade, Felix Cartal, and The Ready Set.


Following up on the release of Sun Will Find You, I had the chance to know more about her via the interview that you can delve into below.

How does it feel to be born and raised in LA?

I feel like Los Angeles is the only place where creativity is valued as much as money as a currency. Almost like artists are taken as seriously as someone in business or finance. This city is dominated by entertainment. I feel incredibly lucky to have grown up in LA and be constantly inspired by art and culture every single day.

Talk about your song SWFY

Sun Will Find You means so much to me because it’s the first time I’ve written about my experience with anxiety & felt comfortable enough to share and be vulnerable in my music. I brought the idea to my friend Barkley, who’s an amazing artist and writer. We sat on the floor of her living room and locked in the lyrics pretty easily because this narrative hits so close to home. I wanted to counter this heavy subject with an uplifting, ethereal instrumental; so I brought the demo to Mark Pelli, who produced the tune with me. He really made the song come to life.

You are making big moves, how do you feel about that?

It feels so good to finally release music of my own again. The past few years were spent changing my musical direction; and I put a lot of time and detail into this new project. I’ve experimented with pop, dance and EDM, and finally landed on a sound that feels like me. I’m really proud of it and can’t wait to share more. 

What is the next collab you have in mind?

You’re going to have to wait and see 😉


Who inspired you to pursue a music career?

This might be an untraditional answer, but 5 year old me was heavily inspired by JLO and Selena. I think JLO is an interdisciplinary artist- she sings, dances acts, is a business woman and overall insane entertainer.

What challenges did you face as a youth in pursuit of your music dream?

Being a solo artist, I think it can be challenging to build a network of creatives and musicians. It’s something that takes time. I love building relationships with the people I work with, so work doesn’t feel like work. I also think it can be difficult to make timeless music as a young person. I’m always asking myself, will I like or be proud of this in 10 years? My interests and taste continuously change. It’s important to me to create bodies of work that will hopefully still inspire me as I get older.

What do you fear the most in this business?

Generally, I think everyone’s biggest fear is outside opinion. For me, I can relate to that but it’s also hard to not be influenced by other people’s opinions of what I’m making. Right now with Covid and all the social restrictions, I fear not being able to build my platform and team, but more will be revealed!

What message do you have to your fans and people who are following your career?

Overall, I’m grateful to those who are listening and following the music as I’ve pivoted sounds. With this new project, I want to connect with as many people as possible through the stories I tell. I hope that by sharing my experiences, people can listen and not feel so alone in whatever it is they may be going through.

Listen to SWFY here guys, be sure to follow Gabrielle on Instagram and stay tuned for more.

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