Hailing from Varsóvia, Polônia, Meresha is a singer, multi-instrumentalist, and producer, who already accomplished a lot of stuff in the music industry, from performing in major music festivals to be playlisted by Ariana Grande

Releasing a brand new single called Look How Far, Meresha is celebrating her rising in the music industry, after charting on Billboard multiple times, she started to score high with tastemakers, the song is all about highlighting Meresha’s boldness.

Just to remind you that Meresha is in the field since she was 12 years old, working with Grammy-winner producers, her hit “Enter the Dreamland” is part of her EP by the same name produced in partnership with Joe Chiccarelli side by side with her cinematic music video shot in Malibu by the five-time MTV VMA nominee David Rousseau who already worked among superstars including like of Christian Aguilera and Lil’ Wayne.

We are up to shortly launch a printed magazine, which will be pretty unique, probably Meresha could be spotted on one of these covers.
Now being recognized as the artist of the month, she is dropping the tea about this new song and more in the interview below.

Ok, Meresha, we already had a convo before, I am glad to have you back, please drop the tea about your new single LHF.

Thanks for having me back!

“Look How Far” is a turning point for me personally and musically.  Taken literally, the song is about moving on to a new love after the end of a previous one.  More generally, though, the song is about “Looking How Far” you’ve come.  For me musically it finishes one chapter of my creative journey.  To celebrate it, I’ve released “Look How Far” sort of like a 16-song single, adding other music I’ve made along the way and including a new mix of New Revolution that wasn’t available elsewhere.

What was the creative process behind it?

As sometimes happens with my music, “Look How Far” went on a pretty long journey over many months.  My first cut at the song had totally different lyrics and was called “Look at the Way”.  The lyrics didn’t quite roll off the tongue.  The instrumentation was a bit more sparse, even if the melody was already pretty well developed.  

After it became “Look How Far” and I fine-tuned a decent mix, I worked with 2 really good mixers until I found the sound I was looking for.  Grammy winner “Bassy” Bob Brockmann helped me make a new mix and add some more production.  Dom Alaimo, a.k.a. “Dom the Engineer” then did the final mix and mastering.  I found Dom through a remix competition I did for my cover of a  Bob Marley song last year.

What is the message behind your music?

I hope that my music is an audio adventure for the listener.  While “Look How Far” is pretty accessible lyrically, some of my tunes are a little less obvious and take a few listens to fully get them. 

I call my genre “Alien Pop”.  It’s sort of like pop, but also somehow from out of this world.  I hope people come into my world and are able to escape the everyday.

When did you start your music career, and who influenced you?  

I wrote and recorded my first song when I was 12.  A slightly later version of it is still out (“Fool Don’t Be”).  

I saw Paramore and Black Eyes Peas live around that time and wanted to what Hayley Williams and Fergie were doing on stage.

My influences have since grown a lot.  I try to listen to a lot of great music.  Before my dad ditched his LPs, CDs, and cassette tapes, I managed to grab some Led Zeppelin, Jimi Hendrix, and Parliament-Funkadelic, among others.

The British and European electronic scene with folks like Aphex Twin and James Blake also shaped my vibe.

Describes your feelings about achieving the top of the
Billboard charts and being picked by Ariana Grande.

Getting recognition in music is a great and rare honor.  The Billboard charts are largely driven by fans who buy or stream my music, so I have mainly them to thank.  Getting on radio charts depended a lot on winning the ear of music programmers, which is close to impossible for Indies like me.  Still, I managed to be the #1 Indie on US Pop radio for a month once and enter the Top 40 radio charts among artists like Adele, One Direction, and Justin Bieber.

One day I saw in my Spotify for Artists report that my song “Jungle Potion” was taking off.  Had no idea why, so checked and saw that Ariana had put it on her very popular private playlist.  I’ve never met her but I did grow up nearby and even once played her hometown for a concert with Adam Lambert.  Was happy that she picked my tune to share with her listeners.

Which was the best venue you ever played at and why? 

I was lucky to get selected to play SunFest, which is Florida’s biggest waterfront festival.  My luck was even greater since I got a slot on the main stage, the main night opening for Marshmello and Jon Bellion.  By the time I got on stage, there were 40,000 already there ready to have a good time.  The energy was amazing!  Can’t wait to feel that again.

Where are you based right, are you willing to perform in South America shortly?

I’m between the US and Europe when travel allows.  I’ve never played South America, but have some amazing supporters there across countries.  So far I’ve done one song in Spanish called “Juntos”.  My “Together + United” was a remix of my song “Together” done with an Argentinian producer.  My fans in Brazil are particularly crazy it seems. Would be happy to seem them all live soon.  I speak Spanish and love the sound of Portuguese.

How do you see this situation the world is facing right now will change the music industry? 

While artists can’t tour now or play festivals, there is an opportunity to connect even more directly level online now.

I’ve done a few online concerts on Instagram and Twitch, then also watched the replays of them together in the chat room with fans on Facebook and YouTube. It’s great to see fans from all over the world join for such things.  

Like lots of people, I’ve also experimented with TikTok.  My songs have been heard there about 10 million times, though so far mainly in videos by other people and often in contexts far removed from my normal video visuals – e.g., cooking, makeup, or various tricks.  It’s cool to see the creativity people have.

Which message do you have to your fans and people who are checking your craft for the first time?

You’ve come at the right time.  With my “Look How Far” song and album you can explore my creation so far from various angles.  I’m pretty sure most people who follow similar genres will find something they like.

Are you excited to be the artist of the month?

It was a huge surprise.  Thanks so much.  Hope to live up to the honor.

What is next for Meresha!

 I’m in the studio now still basically every day.  There is more coming.  “Look How Far” is the bridge.  It is the newest song on my current album, but will also be featured as the oldest song on my next EP.  Stay tuned.

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