Ok, has been a while since our last post, don’t be mad the wait is over, and get ready because we are about to take action.
If you are coming from another planet, this on the verge session brings the best artists who submitted their track to us, the hottest artists, ready to take the next level of their career, your weekly list delivering high quality and fresh music.

There are only hits on this list, so what are you waiting for to check them out?

1) Gabe Lopez – End Of The Lost Summer

Gabe Lopez is a singer-songwriter and producer based in the Los Angeles area, recently he was spotted touring across the US, and the UK as an opening act for Belinda Carlisle, performing in remarkable venues including the likes of the Indigo at the O2, Manchester Academy, Glasgow Royal Concert Hall, The Fonda in LA and B.B. King’s NYC.

Doing a lot of buzz with his songs and getting positive feedback from the critics, his album debuted on the TOP 100 NEW RELEASES on iTunes.

Rising as a songwriter, Gabe already worked with big names in the entertainment industry including the iconic New Kids On The Block, RuPaul, and the list goes on and on, leading him directly to the top of Billboard charts, the release of his last single called End Of The Lost Summer is tastefully a hit, the incredible vibe of the track is so superb that could be easily considered the soundtrack of this summer, fair enough to be on the first spot of this list.

2) Blake English – Cool

Born and raised in Athens, Georgia, Blake English is a glam-punk artist, influenced by David Bowie, Lady Gaga, Marilyn Manson, and My Chemical Romance’s Gerard Way.

He started to get a lot of attention after the release of his debut EP called “Spiders Make Great Poets.”

From headlining for Lady Gaga’s Born This Way Foundation events to dancing on The Ellen Show, Blake also had the opportunity to perform at SXSW Music Festival in Texas, and also share the stage with his lifelong mentor Amanda Palmer, the new single titled Cool, is pretty dope boasting our second place this week.

3) Jonny Glenn – Over The Moon

Hailing from Boston, MA, Jonny Glenn is a rising pop artist, his path of success came out after he dropped his debut single called Sail Away, achieving the top of the iTunes Pop Chart.

Since then, Jonny has been working with well-acclaimed producers, reaching millions of streams around the globe performing his songs headlined a lot of Boston’s most notable venues, including the likes of House of Blues, the Royale, Brighton Music Hall, The Red Room, The Middle East.

Over The Moon is a modern pop-rock track blending some electro vibes which is truly perfect to listen to while you move forward to your next goal, the pre-covid fantasy is getting the podium on our list this week.

4) Dance Yourself Clean x Lizzy Land – Been Too Long

Dance Yourself Clean was formed in Seattle in 2013, now based in Los Angeles, the indie dance party turned into a music project not just touring over the country, but also producing records and releasing them by their own label.

On this record, called Been Too Long featuring Lizzy Land, which is an American singer and songwriter from Portland, OR, influenced by The Cranberries and The Spice Girls, the talent has been on the screen since the age of 15, working alongside iconic moguls like Empire of the Sun and Paul Oakenfold, just to name a few.

The single is pretty dope one of our favorites so far, earning the 4th position on the list this week.

5) Jesse Gold feat Stefani Kimber – One in a Million

Hailing from Toronto, CA, Jesse Gold is a producer, songwriter, and guitarist, after many years on the road, combining skill and creativity to both the studio and stage, the talent already had the opportunity to work with legends including Kenny Babyface and Craig David, and many more, now dropping this amazing single called One in a Million featuring another outstanding artist Stefani Kimber.

Stefani is a singer-songwriter from Mississauga, Ontario, her romantic and feminine approach brings beautiful melodies to this track, which is pretty awesome, blending male and female on this song about people letting their guard down and being open about their feelings for each other, letting the things happen.

The production is on top, being our pick for the 5th spot on our weekly list.

6) Ella Isaacson – Hard Lessons

Closing this overwhelming weekly list we have Ella Isaacson, which is a rising pop star based in Los Angeles, who already achieved more than 40M of streams of her music, co-signing by Norweigan superproducers Stargate, who already worked o many hits alongside artists like Sam Smith, Lizzo, Charli XCX, Beyonce, Rihanna, and Katy Perry, just to mention a few ones, getting the opportunity to see her music career reaching the next level with the opportunity to be developed by the iconic duo.

Recently working on new songs including collaborating with Dinah Jane from Fifth Harmony, co-writing the song among “San Junipero” and Bryce Vine.

Now releasing her new single called Hard Lessons, which is such a great track that reminds me a lot of Charli XCX, which is totally a slap.

That was our 6 artists on the verge of coming with stunning records this time, be sure to keep following up on social and stay tuned for more.

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