Radar #1

It’s been a while since our last post, so here we go again with a brand new session. Once again we are receiving a generous amount of submissions and trusting in the power of music because good music and artists deserve their space. It’s 2020, and the music industry has changed a lot, which is the reason why we’ve created this new list, ‘Radar’, powered by Musosoup, bringing to you those artists who are grinding, but still underrated.

Let’s get it!

1)  V – No Church On Sunday

Born in the heart of the city of Philadelphia, V is an artist and activist seeking revolutionary status in the music industry. His debut single called ‘No Church On Sunday’ is a powerful and awakening song, and is already making a decent buzz with tastemakers.
Recorded at the Sup’s Kitchen Studio in Grifton, NC, the track is an outstanding hip-hop song combined with deep lyricism.
The metaphysics behind it are pretty rad, and good enough to conquer our first Radar pick of this session.

2)  Simon Alexander – A Place To Call Home

Hailing from Sverige, Simon Alexander is a Swedish singer-songwriter. When his first records came out in 2017, he had already started his journey to become a household name on the indie/folk scene.
After he quickly gained recognition and reached new fans, Simon was spotted playing in various parts of northern Europe leading to the release of his debut EP titled In the Rust.
Now he’s dropping his debut album, ‘A Place to Call Home, a collection of all his acoustic home recordings showcasing Simon’s personal experience, different situations throughout his life, and where he was in the search when he maybe found a place to call home.
The impressive opening track on the album is just one of the reasons why he is getting the second spot on this Radar session.

3)  Adar Alfandari – Gold Dust

Adar Alfandari is a singer-songwriter from Israel, debuting his solo project after a strong start on the music scene, playing in a band with his brother leading to several gigs around Israel and gaining a lot of local attention from local radio, and TV series, The Voice.

The fresh single from Adar, ‘Gold Dust’ is incredibly good, produced by Idan Katz, and is a big step in Adar’s music career worthy of recognition – getting the third spot on our Radar session this week.

4)  Daimy Lotus – OK That It’s Not OK

Hailing from the Netherlands, Daimy Lotus is a singer-songwriter, who has already written for the likes of Paris Hilton, Markus Schulz, and Timmy Trumpet. Recently she has just released her debut track called ‘OK that it’s not OK’, written last year at a writing camp in France, with the help of British songwriters Tom Martin and Marlon Roudette.
The amazing tune has a truly powerful message, coming with a dope music video directed by Daimy’s good friend Phoebe de Beer, better known by her stage name Maya Mae.
Satisfying enough to lock in the fourth spot on our radar session this week.

5)  AJ, the One – Sugar Cane

AJ, the One is a multimedia artist and creative director from Inglewood, CA.

In 2013 she moved to the Bay Area to begin her undergraduate education at UC Berkeley, successively making Oakland, CA, her second home, hitting the stages of open mic nights and talent shows throughout Northern California building a bold local reputation.
After that, Aj got involved in numerous other projects, including a radio show and an original podcast called Black Voice, bringing awareness to very important subjects within society, popular culture, entertainment, politics, and more.
Collecting achievements in the music industry, she has just released a new single called Sugar Cane, which is a conscious hip hop track accompanied by a piece of conceptual music video celebrating the power of family lineage & the matriarch.

AJ closes our Radar session this week, be sure to follow us on socials and stay tuned and up to date!

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