Hailing from Philadelphia but based in New YorkMarian Hill is an electro-pop duo formed by Jeremy Lloyd and Samantha Gongol.

With Jeremy in the production and Samantha on vocals, they released their debut EP entitled Play in 2013 under Republic Records.

In 2015 the duo began to achieve industry success, promoting their sophomore record on the CBS TV show: The Late Late Show with James Corden.

After that, the duo started a prominent journey, including major featuring and remixes with well-known names in the field like Lauren Jauregui in the track Back To Me and the rapper Big Sean in the song Down, released in 2019 on their debut album called Act One.

Last year they released the first EP as an independent artist called Was It Not.

Now the duo is coming back to the scene with a brand new single with a funny music video for the song oOo that’s my type featuring Yung Baby Tate.

I had the opportunity to interview them to know more about this new era in their life and music careers, which you can follow up on below.

1-Where did you come from and where are you based now, and why?

Samantha – We both hail from the suburbs of Philadelphia, and are now based in New York. Although I was in-between apartments when covid hit so I unintentionally ended up back in the Philly suburbs for most of this past year. Wild.

Jeremy – Started in the Philly suburbs because my dad was a music professor at Haverford College. Been in NYC since 2013 because my parents met here and it’s the greatest city in the world. 🙂

2-Why did you guys moved to Los Angeles?

Samantha –  I have not yet moved to Los Angeles though I always threaten.

Jeremy – I like visiting LA for a week or so, and having a packed schedule. But I love walking everywhere in NYC and having a quieter life that isn’t 100% music industry all the time.

3-Is Marian Hill still a duo, and what is the meaning behind the name?

Samantha – Marian Hill is still very much a duo. Jeremy and I played opposite each other in an eighth-grade production of the Music Man. He played Harold Hill and I played Marian Paroo. We combined our character names to create Marian Hill. 

Jeremy – When we came up with the name we did not entirely consider that we were branding the rest of our professional lives. But I’m not mad at it.

4-Who inspired you to pursue your music career?

Samantha – My parents were big influences and supporters from an early age.

Jeremy – I grew up surrounded by music. I credit my parents for encouraging me to learn violin at a super young age and always creating an environment where artistic pursuits were encouraged. They were always at the piano and singing and it was the easiest thing to sing along.

5-Could you talk about your experience working with Lauren Jauregui and how the song came together?

Samantha – Lauren is the best. Back to Me came together fairly quickly- Jeremy and I had written the first verse and Lauren recorded her part in Jeremy’s then Brooklyn apartment in a few hours. I miss performing it together! 

Jeremy – The coolest part was Lauren showing up with her verse already written – but we hadn’t heard it yet! The first time we heard it was when she recorded it. And she absolutely killed it. I love Lauren dearly and making music with her is always a joy.

6-How do you see the music scene that you are in right now?

Samantha – It feels limitless honestly. I’m inspired by what’s being created and the artists that are just constantly raising the bar and pushing boundaries.

Jeremy – It’s certainly an interesting time – the height of the streaming era in a post-covid world – I’m really excited for the next paradigm shift. We came up in an era when mp3 blogs shaped culture and iTunes sales were the holy grail… Everything’s changed so much in just a few years and I’m so curious to see where it will all go next!

7-What is the message behind oOo that’s my type, and who masterminded the music video?

Samantha – Mitch DeQuilettes came up with the idea for the video. We’d worked together previously on the Was it Not a music video, and were excited to collaborate again. We want people to feel so hot when they listen to the song. Untouchable. 0 capacity for bullshit. And with the video we thought it would be fun to subvert the typical choice. Instead of the “hot guy” maybe choose the quirky one, or the grandma.. or the dog.

Jeremy – Couldn’t have said it better myself. Mitch is an incredible collaborator and he kept me 100% part of the creative process even though I wasn’t vaccinated yet and couldn’t participate in the shoot.

8-What are you completely over and done with?

Samantha – lol. So much. Construction in the city.

Jeremy – Uncomfortable clothes. There is always something more comfortable that looks just as fly. Cannot believe how many years I spent in skinny jeans and dress shoes.

9-What memory do you just keep going back to?

Samantha – The last concert I went to in New York before covid stopped the world. It was a Moses Sumney concert- he was incredible, and I really miss live shows. 

Jeremy – My 30th birthday party – I had just moved in with my girlfriend in a beautiful new place and we had all my favorite people over to celebrate. We had no idea it was the last time we’d see each other indoors for over a year.

10- What is your favorite TV show?

Samantha – ooo. Schitt’s Creek atm. If I’m not Moira in 30 years I’ve done it all wrong. 

Jeremy – Tuca & Bertie!!!! Bojack Horseman is one of the top 5 greatest shows of all time and T&B is such a worthy successor from the same creative team. The scoring and sound design is absolutely out of this world good. And the vision is so unique while covering more true-to-lifematerial than any show I’ve seen. A++

11-What’s the most ridiculous argument you’ve had?

Samantha – Haha. The meaning of having your cake and eating it too. I just can’t get behind it. 

Jeremy – Sam. If you eat your cake, you no longer have it! It’s in your belly! You can’t eat it again 🙂 Sam and I have definitely had a few, I wish I could remember…

12-What’s the biggest lesson life has taught you?

Samantha – That the best laid plans are futile.

Jeremy – The most important skill to practice and hone: understanding what is actually worth getting upset about and what is not.

13 -Which message do you have to your fans and people who are following up on your work?

Samantha – We know we’ve been pretty dormant this past year, but we’re putting out our third full-length record this fall. It’s called Why Can’t We Just Pretend, and we’re very excited for you to hear it. 

Jeremy – I’m more proud of it than any record we’ve ever made. It’s mature, bold, raw, and beautiful. We can’t wait for you to hear it.

14- What is next for Marian Hill?

Samantha – In addition to our third record, we’re going on a mini-tour in September. I cannot wait to see our fans in person. ❤ 

Jeremy – Tour will be wild. I will probably cry a lot. 

That is it for now, see you guys on tour, until next time.

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