Convo With Keeana Kee

Keeana Kee is a singer and model from Latvia, now based in New York, she just released a brand new single called Love Is My Treasure, which delivers some blending with a little twist of pop music, and Latino vibes, which is truly amazing.

Keeana moved to London when she was just a teenager singing at local events consecutively learning to play piano and guitar, and improving her songwriting skills by performing live with a cover band.

Inspired by the likes of Whitney Houston, Mariah Carey, and Beyonce, her dreams started to come into reality in 2014, when she moved to the States to work on her debut EP, suddenly releasing the debut single titled ‘Coconut Rum and Coke‘ featuring the Latin Grammy-winning producer Maffio.

Kee’s soulful vocal timbre is so dope that she was spotted as one of the top-rated artists at Isina, a reality show in Hollywood; The mastermind behind this project is nothing less than Water Afanasieff, who invited other legends including Kenny G to the project.

After some records out Keenan is back to the music scene, we had a convo about her music career and upcoming projects that you can follow up on below.

Enjoy it!

You were born in Latvia right, why did you leave?

Yes, I am from Riga, Latvia. It’s a very small country in Eastern Europe with less than 2 mil. population. I wouldn’t be able to reach my dreams and goals staying there, unfortunately, there’s not many opportunities in a music business. I’ve worked hard to move to another country. Firstly to the United Kingdom and then USA to stay on the path towards my dreams.

In your opinion, which one is your best track and why.

I am very proud of my debut single “Coconut Rum and Coke”. This song means so much to me! It was created in collaboration with an incredible multi-platinum Grammy award-winning producer Maffio. The creative process of the song had a long and incredible journey which I will never forget!

Please explain the process of creating ‘Coconut Rum and Coke’ and what is the message behind it.

“Coconut Rum and Coke” has the sweetest vibe and is full of love! It can completely take you away from the hustle of life, help you release the negative and recharge with the positive energy. It’s music video carries a very strong message for LGBTQI community – follow your heart’s desire despite the social standards. Be yourself and allow yourself to love and be loved by the one YOU choose.

Are you still living in New York, please describe the music scene over there?

Yes, I am still based in NY, but am thinking of moving to Florida or California. The music scene is great in all three of these states, but the style of music I am currently into is more popular on the West Coast and most of the producers that I collaborate with are based in FL and CA. So let’s see, maybe that will be my next destination.

What is your perspective on ‪‬, which type of feedback you get from them?

Isina is focusing on discovering talents all over the world helping the up and coming artists to get recognition. To me the most important part was meeting and working with the legendary composer Walter Afanasieff. He was very impressed with my writing skills and was so in love with my single “Let’s Make Love”. I absolutely adore him and hope on collaborating with him on my future projects.

If you were picked for the next edition, are you down for it?

I’m not a fan of singing competitions and group projects, but I am always down for working with experienced artists and producers, things you can learn from them are priceless. I’m currently focusing and investing 100% of my time into my repertoire. Recording new music and visuals for my fans.

For you, what is the most incredible achievement in the music industry so far?

I would say, being discovered by Grammy and Billboard, becoming an LGBTQI Advocate and hearing from my fans how my music helped to change their world and overcome some obstacles in life – that means so much to me!

Which one is your goal in the industry?

Getting a Grammy award! That would mean I’ve created a song that has touched the hearts of the world.

What is your message for your fans and the audience checking this interview?

Hey there, you’re amazing and I love you! Stay safe during these crazy times. Know, that whenever you need me I’m here with my music and with my soul.

What is next for Keeana Kee.

I have spent all my quarantine time working on incredible new projects waiting to be shared with my beautiful fans which are so hard to stay quiet about. The nearest one is the release of my new single “Love is My Treasure” that’s coming out August, 14 and is so much needed escape from the terrifying reality. “Love is my treasure” is about realizing through all your anger and pain, what this person’s love means to you and the value that it holds. The competing dualities of love — He/She is the source of your pain, but also the salve for your heart. Come find me in a place that takes the cares away – the dance floor.  Moving with the rhythm of the song will bring us back together, one beat at a time.

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