Convo with Erin Kirby

Hailing from Atlanta, Georgia, Erin Kirby is a singer-songwriter, which blends her heartfelt infused pop, soul-tinged lyrics with electro music.

Recently she released a single called Practice Girlfriend and now is coming back to the music scene, dropping a brand new remix- in collaboration with the house music duo Yardhaus.

Erin started her music career at the age of 9, developing her craft since then, but she debuted her first single called Boomerang in 2018 after being in the music industry for more than seven years.

Doing her thing and building a bold name in the field, she is regularly in the fast lane between Georgia, Tennessee, New York, and California, where Erin was a contestant on Season 18 of American Idol.

She auditioned in Los Angeles, singing “Who You Are” by Jessie J, following the opportunity all three judges voted yes, sending her to the next round in Hollywood.

We’ve had the opportunity to learn more about Erin and her new stuff in the interview below:

When did you start your music career, and who inspired you?

         I started around the age of 9. I really loved music and decided to sign up for talent in a few pageants. From that moment on I knew music was for me.

What challenges did you face as a youth in pursuit of your music dream?

     ⁃ Being in the music business at a young age can sometimes be difficult, but my love for music always pulled me through. Many people would tell me to wait until I was older, telling me that I was way too young to know what I want to do with my life.

Please describe your experience with American Idol!

        ⁃ I had the greatest time at American Idol! I made some amazing friends and I grew a lot as an artist. I truly understood who I was as an artist and after the show, I started to make music that really described me.

From your perspective what is the importance of this type of show in the music industry?

      ⁃ I think that American Idol is a fun way to entertain and spread awareness of up-and-coming artists.

What is the message behind Practice Girlfriend?

        ⁃ I wrote “Practice Girlfriend” based off of an occasion that happened to me. I knew a guy that wanted to date me in the future but would say he couldn’t at the time. He would have girlfriends and try to flirt with me on the side. I would always call him out on it until one day he told me those were just his practice girlfriends until the day he dates me.

Please describe how was the creative process of making this incredible song.

        ⁃ I wrote this song with some amazing fellow artists named Sleeping Lion. They are so talented. We started by writing this song on the piano and then produced a track around it.

Describe your feelings when you’re recording music in the studio?

        ⁃ I love recording. It is always so exciting and so fun.

Which was the best gig you ever played so far, and why?

     ⁃ This is such a hard question! I have played so many gigs and I have loved every single one. I always enjoy singing The National Anthem and one year I sang it at the Mercedes Benz Stadium here in Atlanta. That was such a fun night!

How do you see this situation the world is facing right now will change the music industry?

        ⁃ It is very difficult as a musician because we currently cannot perform or connect with our fans. I do believe that we have to look at the positive side of it though. We have been able to take time to reflect on our artistry, learn new things, and make more music than ever before.  

Which message do you have to your fans?

        ⁃ No matter what anyone tells you, YOU GOT THIS! Keep pushing for your dream.

What is next for Erin?

        ⁃ The current plan is to put out a few more singles and then an EP. I am currently about to release the music video for “Practice Girlfriend.”

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