First, I would like to wish a happy new year to you all.

Here you are, the first post of the year, which means this one is truly special to us.

Alongside that, we are launching the Super Lanchos deal, so now, besides being a powerful platform for talented artists today, people will enjoy our playlist while they eat our outstanding meal.

It’s time to find down who is on the verge at this moment.

Let’s rock!

1) Madison Beer – BOYSHIT

Well, the first time I came across to Madison was by the music video of “All for Love,” consequently; I saw some highlights over the years, from Say It to My Face on the album As She Pleases, which Fools; is my favorite track in the record.

Now about to release her debut album titled ‘Life Support,’ hailing from New York, Madison Beer inevitably already achieved vast things in the music industry, with the fresh single BOYSHIT, which is unquestionably a spot-on, leading the singer to the next level.

The clock is ticking for Madison, the reason why she is holding the first spot, and at this time, you can watch her live performance on Vevo LIFT, be sure to stay tuned because we can’t wait for what is next.

2) Filous – Trying Not to Think About You

Well known for his remix of Same Old Love by Selena Gomez, the Austrian music producer, Filous has been breaking the charts over Europe, earning three nominations in the Amadeus Awards 2016 in the three categories, including “Artist of the Year,” “Song of the Year” and “Electronic/Dance.”

His work has finally paid off, winning the European Border Breakers Award or just EBBA in 2017, sub-sequentially releasing several records out the producer teams up with seventeen-year-old singer, Nina Chuba for the new single, Trying Not To Think About You.

The record is combining very catchy hooks with the widely-loved production style, resulting in indie jam anchored in this pop offering, with a seamless mix of electronic vibe, conquering our second spot on this very special list.

3) Tessa Violet – Wishful Drinking

Hailing from Chicago, Meekakitty or well known by her name Tessa Violet originally started her popularity online as a vlogger, successively developing her music side in Nashville, resulting in two records.

The first one is titled, Maybe Trapped Mostly Troubled, and the most recently Bad Ideas, Lane Terzieff, and she released some songs together, including It’s Chill in 2012 before that.

Bad Ideas undeniably displays her evolution as a recording artist, songs like I Like (the idea of) You, and Wishful Drinking; which the official music video dropped last month precisely confirm that, earning the spot on our list.

4) Tommy Newport – Warp Speed Suzie 

Hailing from Manchester, UK, Oliver Milmine, known as Tommy Newport, is an internationally renowned recording artist; he debuted the first single, called I Forgive You that came out in 2018, achieving millions of streams.

Doing a lot of buzz with tastemakers, he has been featured in numerous TV shows and movies, including HBO’s hit series Ballers, Netflix’s What/If, TBS’ Search Party, Amy Schumer’s documentary Expecting Amy, and the popular TV show The Sinner.

Scoring as one of the latest ad campaigns for Apple’s iPad, Tommy recently released a bop called Warp Speed Suzie, which is a thunderous new indie-pop track that exhibits how hard is a toxic relationship, where your ex-partner who only wants to have fun, try to blame it on you for no longer accept that bullshit anymore, Freud and Paul Ekman explains, hitting our 4th spot on this list.

5) G4 Boyz feat. DreamDoll & G4choppa – Prada [Remix] 

Flowing up their latest single, “Local Scamme,” G4 Boyz & G4 Choppa join forces with DreamDoll for the remix of Prada, bringing the luxurious East Coast swag vibes with references to foreign cars and expensive stuff.

DreamDoll comes on her verse, where she raps, “Prada, Prada, you know it’s time to shop/ Bitches cop an outfit with they homies and they swap,” bringing some boss bitch threat to the table.

The record released by Universal-Island Records Ltd combines some grime with gangsta rapper sound, which is bad-ass enough to lock in a spot on our list now.

6) Calvin Goldspink – The Cold

Hailing from the UK, Calvin Goldspink is an actor and songwriter, as an actor; he is well known for the TV shows ‘I Dream’ and ‘Life is Wild.

Before he moved to Los Angeles in 2014, releasing the solo debut titled the Lemon Tree EP, he was already a phenomenon, part of the successful Simon Fuller/Universal Records franchise S Club, selling up three million records.

Maturing in Hollywood, he started his own music company, called A Mighty Lamb Production, which is guiding emerging artists across the globe, receiving the support of remake names such as Luv, Sam Fischer, and the Marias.

Written during a tumultuous period living in Los Angeles, ‘The Cold’ looks for answers buried in uncertainty and reinstates hope of finding out where you belong in the world completes Calvin enclosing our list this time, that is it for now, stay tuned and up to date.

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