Well, I know some of the guys are mad because we don’t update that much.
But when we do, you get bothered.

So based on that, in my perspective, it’s some reflection.

But I have to tell you traditional society standards crashed, and now we are back with the artist of the month, which comes together with a nomination to the artist of the year award that will happen this December 31.


I am grateful that my path crossed with Seasons or just SZNS, hailing from Los Angeles, California; The girls recently dropped a new slap called Behave.


That link with behaviorism, one of my favorite subjects, the free spirit anthem is their third single out, empowering women not to be quiet and submissive; Seasons never learned how to behave.


The song was the perfect soundtrack to this Valentine when society tries to sell an old model that didn’t work, not generalizing.

But the sociological angle shows as new behave emerged since the technology has become a big boom.


That makes us rethink which type of person we want to become, sadly imprisoned by labels or happy living the moment fully?

That is up to you.

Season’s debut single called Tequila w/ Lime recently passed 800k streams; the new single is a bop and establishes the girl’s band as prominent, ready to rise in the music industry, and they seem to have what it takes to achieve that.

Here you can listen to Behave and be sure to stay tuned and up to date on socials.

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