Hailing from Ottawa, Canada, Vi is an upcoming talent who just released her new music video for the track Victim; thank you to everyone involved in creating this!

I had the opportunity to do an Instagram live with her to know more about her work.
The IG Live is a new session on our editorial, which will be more often now.

The music video was shot by Trey Timeless and directed by Hayley Lennox, helping Vi bring her ideas into life as well very impressive.

She already performed at Ottawa Bluesfest, sharing the main stage with Backstreet Boys what is such a massive achievement for her career.

One of Vi’s favorite artists is Avril Lavigne, inspiring her music which seems different, making her sound original.
Inspired to do her thing, Vi previously lived in Qatar, displaying a multi-culture open mind reference.

We loved the vibes from the latest song posted on her socials, and we think the world would enjoy her craft too.

Here you can listen and watch her music video below, and be sure to stay tuned for more.

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