Welcome music lover!

Life is hard, but we are grateful for being able to do what we like, and immediately back with the first top-five tracks of the week this year.

I know you guys have been waiting for this, my bad; we are putting a decent effort to blog more, especially because we have an enormous waiting list of artists that want to be part of this, thanks.

If you are not familiar yet, our mission is to recognize stunning tracks and ensure that you get to hear them!

So here we go again, get ready for this one powered by Musosoup.

1- ZARYAH – Suspicious Behavior

Hailing from Luxembourg, Zaryah is a 24-year-old alternative-pop/RnB artist based in Los Angeles, California.

Now promoting the first single from her upcoming EP called ‘What u want is mine,’ Suspicious Behavior is a homage to the James Bond soundtracks, it’s actually so good that it should be slated for the next film!

Produced by Chapters, written by Vanessa Lux and Simon Jay, the song frames the crippling suspicion of betrayal in a romantic relationship combining a commercial pop style with soulful and powerful vocals with a sexy approach. Inspired by classic Hollywood icons, here you can listen to this gem and figure out why she is spotting the top of our hotlist.

2-  THALS – Lo2Hi

This time, hailing from London, in The UK, Thalia Robles or well known by her stage name THALS, has released her second single called ‘Lo2Hi‘, which displays some catchy and original melodies that sounds unreal.

THALS released her debut single last year; the upcoming artist loves to skate and has already opened her own label at this early stage of her music career. Her music sounds like a blend of alternative rock with catchy vocals and stunning melodies.

The record resonates pretty great for a newcomer, the reason why she is locking the second position on our hotlist. 

3-  STEPHANIE RAINEY – Ross & Rachel

Stephanie Rainey is one of Ireland’s most-played female artists on the radio, her song “Please Don’t Go,” released in 2015, was a massive viral record leading her to millions of streams via digital platforms. 

Performing live gigs at major sold-out music festivals, Stephanie reached the top of the charts last year with her song titled Irish Women in Harmony.

Familiar with the spotlight, she keeps prolifically releasing bops one after another.

Now coming back to the music scene, the talented singer dropped a new single called Ross & Rachel, which is exactly about what you think it is. Inspired by the Friends reunion, she decided to write this song about a love story between two people who are made for each other. This classic is earning our 3rd spot on our hotlist. 

4- TAMS/N OTWAY – I’m Alright

Tamsin Otway is an independent singer-songwriter and musician; she is also a music producer from Melbourne, Australia.

She started to play guitar after high school, and she began to perform her music live at small bars and burlesque venues while she was working on her debut EP release which dropped last year.

Inspired by Lana Del Rey, the artist has achieved a new mindset because of the CoVid and decided to not fuck around anymore.

Dropping her latest single named I’m Alright, which is a bop that will make you a fan instantaneously. She is achieving 4th place in the top five of the week this time.

5- TRICIA LO – Running

Patricia or better known by her stage name Tricia Lo is a Latvian singer-songwriter and electronic-pop music producer.

In the music industry for more than a decade, Patricia already has been releasing records through EMI and Warner Music; her band was shortlisted for MTV Brand New Unsigned back in 2013.

Achieving commercial success Tricia Lo’s records have been broadcasted not only on Latvian radio stations, but also in famous stores, restaurants, gyms, and cafes around the world. Last year she released the record called Running, which is a cinematic and bold track about the chaotic and unpredictable, trying to be free and break the music industry standards, this song sounds like a piece of art. 

Enclosing our top five of the week very well.

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