Electra Mustaine, daughter of legendary rock star Dave Mustaine, founder of Megadeth, one of the most relevant heavy metal bands in the history of the rock music scene, recently dropped her debut single called Evergreen.

The California native, now based in Nashville, moved there looking for a fresh perspective and inspiration for her songwriting.

Coming back to the music scene, debuting an electro-pop single, Electra has been working in the entertainment industry since a young age.

She is pursuing a career in the music field at the age of 15, consecutively hosting a Tv show with no plan B on her mind and gifted by her legacy.

Electra already made the stage her element and is ready for this new phase of her career; she seems to be a very realistic person and fun at the same time.

We’ve had the opportunity to know more about her, and you can check out the interview below.

1- Where did you come from and where are you based now, and why? 

I am from Fallbrook, CA, a small town in San Diego County, but now I am based out of Nashville, TN! I moved here to write songs and to purse music — we were looking for a change of scenery after living in CA for so long. The people here were lovely, and you’re surrounded by nature, plus a heavy music scene — seemed like the perfect step.

2- What is life like when your dad’s a rockstar?

Boring! Haha, surprisingly normal — at least I think, there’s pros and cons, but I just know him as a normal dad, yet rock-star life certainly took him away a lot, growing up, which was hard, but the times I got to go with him was an incredible experience getting to see different parts of the world.

3- Who inspired you to pursue a music career?

I thought; I wanted to be a veterinarian or an archaeologist, but when I was a little bit older. I realized I wanted to do something in entertainment.
I was a very animated and expressive kid, but the music didn’t come out until later when the ‘next best thing’ for me was joining the only musical theater house in town. I realized if I wanted to play Cinderella.
I needed to learn how to sing, and after countless nights of singing myself to sleep and a nudge from my vocal coach, I decided to explore that road.

4- If you didn’t become a singer, what would you be doing right now?

I’ve never believed in having a plan B. In my mind, that meant planning to fail, so I hopefully won’t ever have to answer that! I have many passions in life, but music comes first.

5-What is the message behind Evergreen?

Evergreen is a message for all, encouraging others to ignore outside expectations and live life on their terms, for me being Evergreen means prosperity and success, but success doesn’t have to mean money or fame; my goal in life is just to finish well.

6- If you had one message to give to your fans, what would it be?

Be courageous; nothing is impossible, treat everyone with kindness, and believe in yourself even if no one else does!

7- If you could go back five years, what would you change about your future?

I wouldn’t change a thing. Everything happens for a reason.

8-What is something you think you will regret in the future if you don’t start it now and what is something you already regret not starting sooner?

I definitely regret not learning to play more instruments from a young age. But as for now, I know that a healthy balance between work and personal life is extremely important especially wanting to have a family someday. The simple things are just as important, if not more!

9- What would be your strategy for surviving an apocalyptic epidemic?

Aren’t we living in one?! I think; I’d try to get a small group of my closest people together and go live in the woods like Kiera Knightly did as one of the Tree people in King Arthur (one of my favorite movies), haha!

10- What is next for Electra Mustaine?

More music!
Gonna be dropping a bunch of songs over the coming months and some cool live performances people can watch for.

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