TOP 10 #1

Time is up folks, and here we go with our new editorial session, the TOP 10, beside that we are also proudly announcing the first issue of our trendsetter and visionary magazine.

The deal here is to present some of our best monthly submissions, taking into consideration not only the quality of their music but other aspects which have complex criteria

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Now get ready to update yourself here.

1) Keeana Kee – Ride with Me

Recently we had an IG Live session with Keaana talking about her life and music career…

This new record, Ride with Me, it’s really one of her best tracks so far that truly worth the time to listen to while you are stuck in the traffic.

2) Meresha In Bloom

Well, if you consider yourself trend whatever and you don’t know Meresha yet; You are lost, and her list of achievements is top music industry level.

This new record brings a very elaborated blend to remind us of the reason why she has been featuring at the top of the charts around.

3) Eve Minor Three Of Swords

Eve is such a brave person.
If you could check the things she deleted on her socials, maybe you could get what we mean, but the recent record I’m Bad is pretty much bad-ass, and this new one is good too, scoring herself on the podium.

4) Love Ghost – Fade away (shave my head)

Love Ghost is a Los Angeles band mixing grunge with alternative rock music.
The quintet released some pretty good songs lately, doing a massive buzz with taste-makers reaching millions of streams already.
There you have one of those bands you want to be sure it is on your playlist immediately.

5) Nathaniel Paul – Guns or Crosses

Nathaniel from The Bergamot recently released a few records, including the single Guns or Crosses, along with a pretty dope music video shot in Los Angeles.
The post-election and apocalyptic pandemic anthem fit perfectly for this scenario we are living in now.
This indie-pop record is strong, combining rock and commercial music.
A relevant message, making us reflect on the circumstance we are living in nowadays.

6) Madison Beer – Blue

After her debut On The Verge 5, for her single Boy Shit.
Madison comes up with the song called, Blue which is the focus track from her debut album ‘Life Support.’
With an upcoming tour of the sights, we suggest booking some venues in the south if she is serious about her statement.

7) UKNWN – Casa

Casa means home if you don’t know, and UKNWN is a rapper from The UK.
This song featuring alternative-leaning UK rapper Fixupboy, who already achieved more than 10 million streams out there, is truly a hit.
The upbeat vibe song blends some trap and hip hop with a pretty solid lyricism.
I liked the mood, the tempo, and the production is solid.

8) Kid Travis – Intergalactic Interlude(Galaxy-Prelude)

Kid Travis is a hitmaker; he always comes with some pretty good material to us.

After being spotted On The Verge 3, with his stunning record Galaxy, he is back on the scene with several records, and Intergalactic Interlude is one of them.

Impressively Kid is dropping one hit after another without losing the quality as a composer.

We will definitely have him on any future convo, for now, you can check his dope track above.

9) Hey Violet – Problems

Well, there are some pretty great songs from Hey Violet out there, including Brand New Moves and Guys My Age.
The Los Angeles band has been building its identity over the past five years.
This new song called Problem merges electro-pop with the typical pop-rock sound of the band.
I liked how they resonate on this track keeping their stuff relevant.

10) Baby Jake – Do I Fit In Your Shoes?

Baby Jake brought critical surrealism in his new record released by Republic, called Do I Fit In Your Shoes?
The music video is dope and combines with the alternative rock soundtrack.
Hailing from Florida, the guy started his musical craft very early, influenced by his father.
The guitar seems to be his element, after beings named one of VEVO DSCVR’s Artists To Watch in 2020, at the same time, he was preparing to go on his debut tour.
Lost and pressured by the music scene expectations in the studio recording this one while lock-down was a thing.
Enclosing the Top 10 of May, we can surely guarantee the song is the perfect fit for any playlist around.
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See you!

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