First, I would like to thank the music scene in general, including the artists and their representatives, the labels, and all our business partners over the globe.

We are doing a great job. Congrats.

I do not know if that is clear yet, but clean water only comes from the source.
And our brand has been developing a successful business model, and we are grateful for that.

This round is the six of the six, which means it is a special one to enjoy.

There we go!

1) Grace McKagan – So Hyper

The daughter of the super legendary rock star, Grace McKagan, is a pop-punk singer.

If you are not aware yet, she is coming back to the music scene with her new release titled So Hyper, which blends garage rock with a little bit of grunge.

The daughter of Guns N’ Roses bassist Duff McKagan seems to be in the perfect environment to develop her craft; the new single sounds raw and catchy at the same time, merging it with such great melodies resulting in an enjoyable experience for whoever is listening to it.

Displaying an ability to create music that sticks in the mind like bubblegum, Grace has everything to build her own legacy.

2) Sophie and the Giants  – Don’t Ask Me To Change

Hailing from the UK, Sophie and the Giants is a pop-rock band formed by college mates.

I feel the band’s sound combines the raw fusion with their musical influences.

The future pop superstars have returned to the scene with their brand new single called, Don’t Ask Me To Change, out now on Republic Records.

Following up the success since 2019, they dropped a super dope music video with a unique approach to delivering an enigmatic message to their audience.

There you have a tremendous record and a talented band.

3) Anna Shoemaker Silver Cowboy Boots

Coming from a similar dimension to Charli XCX, Anna Shoemaker is a Brooklyn-based artist and millennial muse.

Originally from Philadelphia, Anna is writing impressive pop anthems such as Silver Cowboy Boots, which comes with a pretty aesthetic music video about her crush and Fendi boots.

Even the song is about a delicate direction; it brings very smooth vibes putting you in a chill vibes mode.

The similarity is only by appearance, musically speaking Anna, goes in a totally different way.

The chorus of the track is catchy, and the mood is fair, listening to other songs.
You will notice that Anna put a blueprint on her songs, delivering strong hooks with lovely melodies.

4) Ariane  Chérie

Ariane is a French-American pop singer and songwriter; she grows up in Paris, France, and started to develop her craft in singing at an early age.

Writing her stuff since the age of 16, she consecutively got a Bachelor’s degree in songwriting at Berklee College of Music.

Her music is influenced by dark and moody sounds, similar to Lorde, Billie Eilish, and Olivia O’Brien.

Ariana wants to be a voice to champion the underdog planning to release her upcoming album titled Original Copy.

It could be described as finger-in-the-wound, make presence felt for her beliefs dealing with the generation faces with excess lifestyles coveted and honed by social media along with the glorification of the past heightened by trend. 

The single called Chérie merges the indie-pop with RnB, the result is stunning, and you can listen to it below.

5) DYLYN Make It Naked

Guinevere or better know by her stage name DYLYN used to be a pop princess, but that is in the past, after channeling her inner rocker girl influenced by Led Zepplin, Pink Floyd, and Fleetwood Mac.

She began a new era in her music career last year, working with Colin Munroe, the music producer who already worked with Drake and Sky Ferreira, the guy responsible for the process to bring the ideas to life.

After leaving Toronto and heading to Los Angeles seeking freedom and a different musical approach, the single Make It Naked comes with a music video directed by Jacob McCabe and Boden Jett.

The song is extreme and deserving all the attention, from the production to the melodies; everything in this record settles to a post-pandemic party.

6) Zyra   Heart’s On Fire

Zyra is a London-based platinum-selling artist; she just got back to the music scene, releasing a brand new single called Heart’s On Fire, which is also the title of her newly released self-written and produced debut EP.

Achieving hundreds of millions of streams, notably after the release of her collaborations with Odesza on tracks Say My Name and It’s Only.

Now proudly producing her own stuff, recording, mixing, and mastering the whole thing, Zyra joined a select and rare group of self-made.

In the hopes of being someone else inspiration someday, she is on the right path, this new single is uplifting, and the melodies are lovely.

You can feel a high vibration listening to this record, the reason why she is enclosing our On The Verge Artist 6.

I hope you have a great time as I did.
See you next time!

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