Exclusive Performance : Olivia Rose

Hailing from Alberta, Canada, Olivia Rose is a country musician, singer and songwriter.
As the expansion of our platform to support incredible talented creators, we are inviting brilliant recording artists like her to this new session featuring them performing their songs live.

Debuting our jam, Olivia Rose played two songs, including the fascinating song called, Settle Down which surely worth your time to check out this record, bringing her emotional truth into heartfelt.

Influenced by Taylor Swift and Miranda Lambert, she grows up in her native Elk Point based in Alberta, since the release of her debut single in 2014, Olivia achieved numerous victories in the field along with thousands of streams and awards nominations.

Recently she released a song called “Gold,” returning to the music scene inspiring her growing audience with impressive results in her music career.

The single is beautiful, and we strongly recommend you to listen to it.

That is it for now; we hope to see you next time bringing more enjoyable and exclusive contents for you guys.

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